A book that tells the true story of Dara and Peter DeSoto, a couple who sold everything they owned in 2005 and moved their family of six to El Salvador to serve as missionaries. A year and a half later, Dara was at home with their children when she received a message that Peter had been shot in the neck by a masked gunman. 


We are launching a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs involved in writing and publishing this story. Our goal is to have the whole book written, edited, and ready to put in your hands by the end of summer 2016. That is why we will be reserving another part of the money we raise to pay for self-publishing and marketing costs. We’ll need to hire cover designers, copy editors, and pay for printing and binding. Kickstarter is an "all or nothing" crowdsourcing tool. For this campaign the funding deadline is October 9th.