Last Friday afternoon, I was invited to be a guest speaker at Franklin Middle School in Long Beach, California. My audience was a mixture of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders (about 120 of them in total), all of whom were part of the Long Beach Scholar's Program, which helps them prepare for college and begin the process of brainstorming and dreaming about their future careers.

I talked about being an adjunct college instructor and a freelance writer, and although I worried that I might not know how to speak to middle schoolers, I soon found they were a fun and attentive audience. When I mentioned that I was a Millenial, one student was quick to raise his hand and ask, "What's a Millenial?" They also oooohed and aaaahhhed and giggled when I talked about meeting and dating my husband.

Of course, we discussed Shot: The Book, the Kickstarter campaign, and my upcoming trip to El Salvador this November. I gave them an overview of the DeSoto's story and they were very excited to hear that Peter would be coming to visit them too in the near future to talk about his career and life. It was an awesome afternoon and I felt honored to be there. 

Now, back to campaigning! :)