shot the book research trip el salvador 2015

Dear friends,

As we look back on 2015, we are feeling so blessed because of you! The Kickstarter campaign for Shot: the Book was successful beyond our imagination, as our story of hope and redemption in the face of fear has resonated with many people. We are encouraged and grateful be able to share it on a larger scale through this book project. 

We began the writing and research process last month by taking the writer, Christy Krumm Richard, and her husband Paul to El Salvador for their first trip. We recounted the season of our family's life in El Salvador for over 5 years, and met up with some dear friends along the way. We were also able to retrace the steps of the day of the shooting. We shook hands with the security guards in front of the prison where I was picked up, then traveled to the first medical clinic where I was able to hug one of the nurses who was there that day. Lastly, we viewed the spot where I was shot on the windy road to Abelines. Every place we went there was a sense of redemption and God's love. 

One of the highlights for me was seeing truck loads of people going to an outreach event from the first church we worked with in the Abelines region. The shooting, nine years ago, could have ruined the work of the local church. Instead, God worked through it and the work of ENLACE has exploded ever since. ENLACE now works with almost 40 churches in the area, and the dramatic improvement was evident during our trip. God can take the worst of situations and turn them around for good. Amazing.

In 2016, the next step in this journey is the writing. Christy has done an incredible job researching the events of the shooting, and now has first hand experience in El Salvador. Over the coming months she begins writing the book with the goal of being finished by Fall of next year. Please pray for her as she does this work.

Again, we can't thank you enough for your support and are excited to celebrate with you in this upcoming year as the book is published.  We will continue to keep you updated on our progress. 

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!
Peter & Dara