abelines el salvador, #shotthebook

The following is an excerpt from the journal Dara DeSoto kept during their time in El Salvador:

"As we entered the country and arrived on the tarmac, our dear friend, Jaime Huff,  leaned across the aisle and asked me, 'Are you ready, Dara?'    
My heart sank and my stomach churned. I was sleep-deprived and nursing my 7-month-old while my restless and distraught toddler was struggling to get control over the situation. Am I ready? Absolutely not. What I wanted more than anything was to go home.     
But we had sold our home a year before leaving for El Salvador. And then our cars. And then all our things. Peter had left his job. Home? There was no home to go back to. 
I smiled, gathered all the courage I could prayerfully muster, and said, 'Yes, I am ready.'”  

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