For those of you observing Advent, you’ll note that this week is all about being hopeful. It’s about pausing to recognize the hope Jesus brings to our lives and the world. I don’t know about you, but when I look out at our divided country, I would say hope is exactly what we need—now more than ever.

The other place I’ve been needing hope lately is in the bumpy, crazy road to publishing this book. I’ll tell you honestly, it hasn’t been easy and there has been lots of waiting involved. We are still in the process of waiting on two particular agents who have expressed interest.

In the waiting, Pete, Dara, and I have been praying and we thank you guys for all of your prayers, as well. The notion of hope has been keeping me grounded and letting me focus on how this is God’s story, ultimately, and all I can do is steward it well. The rest is up to Him. If He wants to open doors to traditional publishing, then I know He will. If not, He has already paved the way for us to publish it on our own. What a blessing it has been to rest in that :).

In the meantime, I’ve been continuing to write. While I may not be totally finished, as we originally projected in December, I am definitely in the home stretch. I’ve completed the Intro, Prologue, Part I, Part II, and Part III. All I have left is to finish is Part IV and then do a revision of the Epilogue.

Once that is complete, we’ll do one more round of editing/fact checking, and if we haven’t landed an agent or book deal by that time, we’ll send it off to the presses! Either way, we couldn’t be more excited.