Hello friends,

We have exciting news!

Although, it may not be what you are thinking . . . 

After seven months of working long and hard to land an agent or a publisher, those doors simply have not been opened for us. We’ve gotten a lot of valuable feedback along the way, and Pete and I had the opportunity of meeting in-person with a literary agent who has been in the business for decades. He listened to Pete tell his story, gave us some sound advice, and broke down the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing.

He said the biggest benefit of getting a traditional publisher isn’t necessarily that they will help the book reach a larger audience, as most publishers just don’t have the budget for marketing these days. What they do have is the ability to finance the book and bring it to life. They’ll pay for editors, cover designers, etc. and in return, the publisher gets to keep a hefty portion of the profit once the book starts selling.

After explaining all of this, he looked at Pete and me and asked, “If you’ve already got your book financed through Kickstarter, do you really need a publisher?”

A fair question. And one we have thought long and hard about. On the one hand, our book budget was a basic one, and did not account for certain added bonuses a publisher could provide. For example, an audio book, or a Spanish translation.

Perhaps we will be able to finance those things ourselves, in time. But at this point we had to question whether it was worth postponing the release of SHOT so that we could continue pursuing traditional publishing. After much prayer and consideration, we decided that it wasn’t.

We are returning to Plan A and publishing the book ourselves! That means pulling up our bootstraps, hiring designers, and gearing up for an awesome, exciting book release in:

JUNE 2017!!!

 Summer reading, anyone?

I’ll be spending the next month finalizing the manuscript, and from there we will be following a schedule similar to this one recommended by veteran publisher, Jane Friedman. Please stay tuned for exact dates of the book release, launch party, and thank you dinner. 

We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for your patience, your prayers, and for journeying alongside us every step of the way. This book would not be possible without you guys. 

Much love,
Christy, Dara, & Pete