Faith and risk are two invitations that life offers. Like hands held open, they beckon us to follow, to believe and to fight for something we cannot see. After nine years of marriage and the birth of three children, Dara and Peter DeSoto found themselves walking through the quiet streets of their neighborhood in Valencia, California and considering the unthinkable. What if they sold it all—their house, furniture, cars—and moved to El Salvador to be missionaries? Dara was pregnant with their fourth child, Peter had a lucrative career, and nothing about taking this risk made logical sense. Yet, their hearts were leading them in this direction and they felt compelled to follow.

One afternoon, while Dara was homeschooling their children in San Salvador, Peter was shot in the neck by a masked gunman as he was driving through a tiny village four hours away. The bullet lodged in his esophagus, missing his spinal chord and trachea by only one centimeter. The next nine hours were an intense fight to save him. Yet, once they succeeded, even more complicated and heartbreaking questions emerged, as saving Peter’s life was just the beginning.